Weight Control

Change your brain and never diet again!

How does it work?

By the time we reach adulthood we have developed a "relationship" with food.  Our programs are designed to change YOUR relationsip with food so you never have to diet again!  We use a two-fold approach designed to address your conscious and subconscious reasons for being overweight. We give you back the control you want over your life and teach you that you are never helpless over food. You will leave your session feeling enlightened, refreshed, relieved, and relaxed.

The average weight loss achieved by the clients who complete one of our weight control programs is 10-22lbs. The weight loss also continues after completing our programs because the individual's relationship with food has been changed forever!


We offer two options to assist you in your goal of losing weight and living healthy!

 Option # 1 - $399

8 - Private Sessions - Hypnosis/Health Coaching Program

The Hypnosis with Health Coaching Program includes:

Purchase the complete eight session program for $399.00. (That's less than $50 a session for private hypnosis with personalized health coaching!)


Pay as you go  - $79 first session

Sessions 2-8 - $50 each

Total cost $429.00


Experience the positive change in your life!

 Option # 2 - $149

3 - Private Sessions - Hypnosis/Health Coaching Program



"After trying so many weight loss diets I decided to try hypnosis to help my mind work for me instead of against me. I figure my mind likes to tell me negative things, so why not reprogram it to say positive things. Carol was very personable and not only helped me with hypnosis but also as a health coach. I tried new vegetables and drank green smoothies and hypnosis helped me focus on my choices in life. Very good experience, professional atmosphere, yet personal goals."  - Laura P.



Scientific Studies Show Hypnosis Works for Weight Loss!