Twitch No More

Is your nervous twitch causing you embarrassment? Do you feel apprehension when talking to others face to face?

Hypnosis can get down into your subconscious, suppress your nervous twitch, and relieve any stress or anxiety that may be causing it.  Your twitching habit can be gone before you know it!

During your visit the hypnotist will spend time talking with you in order to collect information regarding your current state in life.  The information we gather will be used during the hypnotic session to reprogram your subconscious and allow your conscious mind to take charge. 


How many visits do you need?

That depends on you!  Everyone is different.  It is our goal to ensure that you feel relief after just one session at our office.  You will also be given a hypnotic recording (at no additional charge) to re-inforce the messaging over and over again at home.

The cost of your initial visit to our office is $79 and includes:

"Hypnosis1111 is a totally enlightening experience. I always feel so peaceful after I leave. Carol is so intelligent and really knows what she's doing. She's very welcoming. I felt like I've known her for years. I recommend 100%" - Matt C.


"First of all, I felt positive feelings before I stepped in the door. From the moment I called to get information I felt comfortable with Carol. She is warm and friendly obviously truly cares about the success of her clients not the money she can make.

After my first session, I have to say that my anxiety decreased at least 50%. I have had 6 sessions and my anxiety is pretty much relieved. I can deal with situations as they come now and not feel worried.

A lot of people have misconceptions about hypnosis. My co-workers thought that they could clap their hands and I would bark like a dog!! It is just a state of relaxation just before falling off to sleep where subliminal suggestions can be planted in your relaxed mind. Then your subconscious mind follows these positive habits automatically. It is really a neat concept." - Linda S.


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Hypnosis is not a replacement for medical treatment, psychological services, or counseling.  We are trained to work independently and in a complimentary manner with physicians, counselors, and health care professionals.  Anything beyond the scope of our practice will be referred to the appropriate medical professional.