Do you really want to quit smoking?

When you come to our office to be hypnotized for smoking cessation the only thing needed is the desire to quit.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with our services at the end of your session then we will refund your money immediately – on the spot.  


How does it work?

Our stop smoking program will assist you in creating new ideas and new behaviors that reinforce your commitment to a happier, healthier, "smoke free" When you come into our office and talk with our hypnotist we help you uncover where your unique connection to cigarettes occurs. If your subconscious mind truly believes that you are getting a benefit from cigarettes it will continue to make you reach for the next one! Once we uncover your true reasons for smoking we can use hypnosis to help you remove (and make you aware of) the subconscious triggers that constantly pull you back to cigarettes.

How many visits do you need?

That depends on you!  Everyone is different.  Many clients walk away from cigarettes completely after just one visit.  Other clients find they benefit from reinforcement sessions.  If you have quit before then one session may be enough to help you achieve your breakthrough into a non-smoking life.  If you have been smoking for many years, then attending more than one hypnotic session may be just what you need to assist you in changing your mind, your life, and ending your habit forever!


We offer three options to assist you in your goal of becoming a non-smoker!


 Option # 1 - $149 (three sessions)

Private Hypnosis Coaching Sessions

Schedule one-on-one private sessions in our office and experience personalized hypnotic sessions geared at your unique relationship with cigarettes. Three sessions give you the support you need to walk away from the addiction forever! Private sessions are available Monday through Saturday.

The Private Stop Smoking Sessions include:

Option #2 - $99

"In-Home" Stop Smoking Program

Purchase our "in-home" program to make you a permanent non-smoker in the comfort of your own home.

Our "in-home" program makes it easy to STOP SMOKING. As you follow the steps outlined in the program you will unravel the attachment you have to cigarettes. Listen to the recordings on a daily basis and your brain will release the urge to smoke! You will give up the cigarettes AND it will be a lot easier than you thought it would be!

The "In-Home" Program includes:


What are you waiting for?


Carmella Y.
Smoke Free Since 2014

Joe S.
Smoke Free Since 2014


"I have been tobacco free for over a year now. Your tecniques and motivations have helped me make quitting a reality!"
Chris S. - Tobacco Free Since 2014


"[After my visit] I was at a very calm state and felt like I can do this. On a scale of 1-10 I would rate my visit with Carol as a 10 and I have already recommended that one of my friends visit HYPNOSIS1111."
Jeannine W.


"It has been one year since I quit smoking thanks to Hypnosis 1111 and supportive family and friends. I tried quitting many times before. This may not work for everyone but so worth the try!"
Beth E. - Smoke Free Since 2/18/2015


"I felt extremely relaxed and at ease. The best part is that I have not smoked since! The tapes I was given for reinforcement are an added bonus. I have learned that you can accomplish ANYTHING if you are willing to truly believe in yourself and be open to hypnosis. Carol's gift is making everyone feel comfortable and at ease. I have recommended her and will continue to recommend Hypnosis 1111 to anyone who needs help with any issues or addictions. You are worth it! Just do it."
Suzanne P. - Smoke Free Since 2/06/2016


"I had a feeling of absolute peace, no cravings, no insanity, and NO desire to smoke. It was an absolutely fantastic experience and I am referring all my friends and co-workers to your office. Thank you so much!"
Heather S. - Smoke Free Since 4/23/2016


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Scientific Studies Show Hypnosis Works for Smoking Cessation!