Mantra Meditation

We often refer to the mind and body as if they are two separate and independent entities but they are in fact inseparable. Our mind and body are closely interconnected and they mutually influence one another regardless of whether or not we are aware of their interactions. By relaxing the mind and bringing it in alignment with the body through mantra meditation, we help clear any negative emotions and tensions that may be in the way of healing, we reduce the undesirable effects of those negative emotions and tensions, and we also clear the path for the immune system to do its work.

Join us and learn how to easily and effortlessly reduce stress, control anxiety, improve your sleep, lower your blood pressure, help fight food (and other) addictions, and more through mantra meditation.

During this one hour class, we will discuss the benefits of meditation, help you select your own personal mantra, show you how your own physiology responds to meditation, and spend 20 minutes meditating as a group. The course is designed to enable you to begin meditating at home and experience greater awareness into your own body and mind.

Anyone can learn. Everyone can benefit!