Free From Alcohol

If you're looking for help with alcohol consumption, you've come to the right place.

Perhaps you have tried to help yourself break free from alcohol before, but have found that no matter how hard you try, it ambushes you at your weakest moments. It is possible that your subconscious mind is leading towards alcohol because you are searching for comfort amidst a life of stress or anxiety.

When you visit our office for assistance with alcohol addiction the hypnotist will spend time with you discussing your habit and how it is affecting your life. We will use this information to customize your hypnosis session(s) and target your specific issues. Everyone is different and this customized session works directly with YOUR issues to help you find YOUR solutions. We will assist you in creating new ideas and new behaviors that reinforce your commitment to a happier, healthier, "alcohol free" life.


How many visits do you need?

That depends on you!  Everyone is different.  Some clients have stopped drinking alcohol completely after just one office visit.  Other clients find they benefit from reinforcement sessions.

The cost of your initial visit to our office is $79 and includes:

Every hypnotic session in our office includes a free audio/video recording to reinforce the new subconscious messaging at home.

Scientific Studies Show Hypnosis Can Help With Alcoholism!

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Hypnosis is not a replacement for medical treatment, psychological services, or counseling.  We are trained to work independently and in a complimentary manner with physicians, counselors, and health care professionals.  Anything beyond the scope of our practice will be referred to the appropriate medical professional.